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Wednesday, February 27, 2013


(Associated Press)
It's the morning after Sixers coach Doug Collins went off on his guys, chiding them for a lack of effort in their “mind-numbing” loss to the Orlando Magic.

During the 12-minute press conference, Collins talked about heart. He talked about – maybe through a pair of revisionist historian's glasses – how he never got booed as a player. He talked about how he ran through his sneakers and gave it his all as a player. He talked about how three of the Sixers' starters, though he didn't name names, weren't sweaty as the game began, hoping to ease into their meeting with the NBA's second-worst team.

“I'm not a blamer. I'm not an excuse kind of guy. Nobody takes this harder than I do. Nobody,” Collins said. “I'm a guy who, when I have coached, I've always been able to find answers. And I have not been able to find the answers, and from my standpoint, that's very disappointing because I'm paid to do that.

“I want you to know in no way am I casting dispersions that this is someone else's fault. We're all in this together. But there can't be a game where you go out and don't put your heart and soul into the game. Can't do it. No reason for that. None.”

Collins is at wit's end.
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Monday, February 25, 2013


(Associated Press)
With 2:30 to go in the first quarter Sunday, Evan Turner didn't like a traveling call directed toward him. He said something – and it didn't really matter what it was – toward the official, and got a technical foul because of it.


A day later, Sixers coach Doug Collins called Turner's reaction “that little meltdown,” then lauded the emotional reaction of his third-year swingman in the Sixers' loss to the New York Knicks, a game that feature plenty of hot-blooded plays.

An excitable player with the tendency to get riled up, Turner admitted afterward that he was remorseful for getting T'd up. He said he shouldn't have let a silly call like traveling get the best of him.

Still, it wasn't enough to rile up Collins. Well, kind of.

“I was trying to get him off the floor. I was trying hard,” Collins said of Turner. “He got it and I said, 'Evan, I told you,' and he said, 'I got it now.' I said, 'Yeah, I know. Now.'

“The one thing about Evan, and I told him this, is I admire his competitive nature. Evan would take on the other team by himself if he could and I love that about him, but I don't want him to feel like he has to do that.”

The Sixers (22-32) are back in action Tuesday against visiting Orlando, and they desperately need a win in this one. Collins' crew is on a five-game skid, matching their longest losing streak of the season. The loss against the Knicks dropped the Sixers into a tie for last place in the Atlantic Division with Toronto, and put the Sixers 10 games under the .500 mark for the first time since 2010-11, when they opened Collins' first season at the helm with a 3-13 mark.

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Saturday, February 23, 2013


Remember this scene? Andrew Bynum last month, after a Jan. 16 practice, taking part in shooting drills in front of reporters?

Well, behind closed doors Friday, Bynum participated in a 5-on-0 shell drill, then graduated to a 5-on-5 practice with the Sixers, his first on-court activity with his teammates since being traded to Philadelphia last offseason.

Kind of a big deal, right?

“I don't think there's any bells or whistles set off now that he's close to playing,” Sixers coach Doug Collins said.

Collins said he spoke with Bynum Saturday, telling him there's some distance between Friday's session and being in game-ready mode. Specifically, Collins said Bynum needs to shed a few more pounds.

Still, it must have been encouraging for the Sixers to see Bynum playing. Finally.

“It's amazing,” Collins said. “Just him standing out there, he distorted the whole practice. You get visions of what might have been. You throw the ball in the post and – first of all, we don't do that. When we did, it was five guys on him. It was like, 'You shoot. No, you shoot. No, you shoot.'”

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Friday, February 22, 2013


(Associated Press)
In four words, general manager Tony DiLeo explained why the 76ers stayed (mostly) inactive at Thursday's trade deadline.

“We have Plan A,” DiLeo said Friday, at the team's practice facility.

The Sixers, DiLeo admitted, could have done more to solidify this season's roster. He said he and the front office “talked with every team.” He said they were listening to all inquiries. And the only move with which the Sixers felt comfortable was a minor move with Golden State for guard Charles Jenkins in exchange for a protected second-round draft pick.

The reason? Plan A.

“Plan A is for Andrew,” DiLeo said.
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Thursday, February 21, 2013


(Associated Press)
True to their word, the Sixers were not big-time players Thursday at the NBA trade deadline.

The club's only activity was trading with Golden State for 6-3 guard Charles Jenkins. In turn, the Sixers sent a second-round draft pick to the Warriors.

Jenkins, who's making $762,000 this season, has an expiring contract, which probably made this move appealing. But it's not as though the Sixers have a lack of wing players. On the flip side, Golden State had to make moves in order to avoid having to pay the NBA's luxury tax.

A Hofstra product, Jenkins appeared in 47 games, averaging 1.7 points in 6.2 minutes per game for the Warriors.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013


(Associated Press)
Andrew Bynum said neither the 76ers' record nor his free-agent status at the end of the season will impact his decision to return prematurely. He said he could practice in 1-to-2 weeks.

The injured center said Tuesday, after the team's practice at PCOM, that the pain he's experiencing in his left knee did not keep him from an intense, 80-minute workout. He said it's something he'll just have to learn how to deal with.

Also, Bynum said he has not considered missing the entire season.

“After you play in this league for quite some time, I think you just wind up getting used to things and this is something I have to get used to,” Bynum said. “It's been worse than now, but it's getting better. I was able to do my entire workout today. It was painful, but I could push through it. It didn't linger like it did in the past.”

Bynum said returning to the court is more to do with tolerating pain than removing it. He said he has an appointment Wednesday with Dr. Jonathan Glashow, the orthopaedic surgeon in New York City who operated on Jason Richardson.

“I'll see Glashow tomorrow,” Bynum said. “Dr. Glashow, who's working with J-Rich right now. Hopefully – he says he's got some new software or something. It shows what's going on. Just waiting to see what he says.”

For more on Bynum, pick up Wednesday's Daily Times.

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Thursday, February 14, 2013


(Associated Press)
MILWAUKEE --- At his locker, Royal Ivey had barely slung a shirt over his shoulder when he was asked for a moment to talk. Ivey knew what the inquiry was out, responding to a question that didn't need asking.

“I definitely should've called timeout,” Ivey said, after the 76ers lost to the Milwaukee Bucks, 94-92, Wednesday night.

With five seconds to go, in a two-point game, the Sixers' Jrue Holiday won a jumpball against Milwaukee's Luc Mbah a Moute – “I got up on that,” Holiday said – and the tip went to Ivey. Unsure what to do with it, Ivey said he tried to make a play.

Instead, Moute batted away the errant pass, chased it into Milwaukee territory and kept it inbounds long enough to allow time to expire.

“We had two timeouts left,” Sixers coach Doug Collins said sternly.

Here's how Ivey summed up those final seconds: “Honestly, we knew throughout the game, we had said we had three previously. Nobody was thinking call a timeout in that situation. The onus is on us in that situation to make that call. I got the ball. I definitely should've called timeout. I wasn't thinking that. I was thinking make a play, get somebody an open shot.”

By “somebody,” he meant Nick Young, Spencer Hawes, Evan Turner and Holiday. Those were the other guys on the floor at the time

Rather than burn one of the Sixers' remaining timeouts, allowing Collins to sub Ivey off the floor in favor of a more-offensive option – maybe Jeremy Pargo or Dorell Wright, both of whom can shoot the 3-ball – Ivey kept the play alive, but killed the Sixers' rally.

“I got the ball and they made a play on the ball,” said Ivey, an eight-year vet. “I was trying to get the ball to Spencer, and Luc shot the gap and got a hand on the ball, knocked it loose. That was it.”

Young referred to this one as “just one of those situations you wish you could have back.” That's a safe bet, considering where it left the Sixers (22-29) – four games back of eighth-place Milwaukee (26-25) for the final playoff spot in the East, heading into All-Star weekend.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013


(Associated Press)
Aside from the obvious, of heading into the All-Star break on a strong note, the Sixers need a win Wednesday at Milwaukee.

They know it. They expect the Bucks know it, too.

The Sixers (22-28) are looking for anything to help turn their attention from Monday's embarrassing 107-90 loss to the Los Angeles Clippers, during which they were assaulted down low. It got so bad in that one for the Sixers, who were outscored in the paint, 48-26, that fans were booing Blake Griffin for choosing not to dunk.

Heading to Milwaukee – and coming out with a win – would do wonders for the Sixers, both in the standings and for their psyche. The Sixers, ninth in the Eastern Conference, trail the Bucks, who are eighth, for the final playoff spot.

“We can't look at this,” Sixers coach Doug Collins said of the loss to the Clippers. “There are going to be times when teams come in and play great. You have to say they played great.

“I said to the guys, 'We have to go to Milwaukee and we've got to be ready to play. Let's not check out for All-Star week. Let's go to Milwaukee and let's play. That's what we've got to do.'”

Added Jrue Holiday: “It's over with, really. Whatever happened, happened. We're definitely looking at Milwaukee.”

If you take the Sixers at their word, they're keying on the Bucks – not because the Clippers left a bad taste in their mouth, but because …

“That's a team we're chasing,” Nick Young said.

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Monday, February 11, 2013


(Associated Press)
The Sixers' Andrew Bynum said he's still feeling pain in his left knee after two-hour workouts on the court, adding that it “limits me from continuing to go” and that the pain might keep him from debuting by the end of the month, his targeted time to return.

Bynum said he's doing defensive slides, dunking and full-court work, though he hasn't begun 1-on-1 workouts or 3-on-3 scrimmages.

The injured center had said he wanted to return in February. He doesn't sound so optimistic about that now.

“I'm not sure,” Bynum said Monday, before the Sixers hosted the Los Angeles Clippers. “It's all going to depend on it we get a setback or not.”
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Saturday, February 9, 2013


(Associated Press)
Evan Turner broached a topic Saturday on which he has no control.

“I'm not a GM,” the Sixers' third-year swingman said, when asked if he had given much thought to an ESPN report saying the Sixers were either shopping Turner or gauging his value on the trade market. “I think it all adds up to what a team needs. That's it. Whatever,” Turner said. “I think the best is yet to come – for me in general, wherever that occurs.”

Circuitously, Sixers general manager Tony DiLeo said he had no comment on the report, from ESPN's Marc Stein.

“I don't comment on any trade rumors,” DiLeo said. “We talk to every team in the league and we'll do something if it improves our team. I have no comment on any trade rumors.”

If the Sixers are hoping to shop Turner before the Feb. 21 trade deadline, his value is falling.
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Friday, February 8, 2013


(Christopher A. Vito)
Andrew Bynum found a new rebounding buddy, but the 76ers' injured center is still engaging only in 1-on-0 workouts.

Bynum participated in post-practice shooting drills Friday at PCOM, with Kwame Brown serving as his rebounding partner. Bynum attempted shots from spots all over the floor, anywhere from under the rim to around the 3-point arc.

Earlier this week, Bynum said he couldn't find a reason why he wouldn't debut for the Sixers before the end of the month.

“I can't wait for that moment he says, 'Coach, I'm ready to go. Put me out there. Let's play,'” Sixers coach Doug Collins said of Bynum. “His activity level has picked up in practice. He still isn't doing anything with the team. It's still 1-on-0, but he is starting to move around a little bit, which is encouraging.” (VIDEO AFTER THE JUMP)

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013


(Associated Press)
 Sixers guard Jason Richardson will see a fourth doctor, as early as this morning, regarding his left knee, the team said Wednesday night.

The Sixers also said no decision has been made regarding season-ending surgery, which is contrary to a report from Yahoo! Sports, which earlier Wednesday had declared Richardson out for the season.

Richardson was not with the Sixers, missing his eighth straight game. He was at New York City's Mount Sinai Hospital, visiting orthopaedic surgeon Jonathan Grashow in seeking a third opinion of his knee. Previously, he had visited knee specialist Richard Steadman in Vail, Colo., in addition to receiving a consultation with Sixers team physician Jack McPhilemy.

After the game, a loss to Indiana, Sixers coach Doug Collins said he wasn't aware of Richardson's status.

“I know he's going to be out for a while,” he said. “I don't know. … I haven't been briefed on that. I'm still trying to get through this loss.”

Richardson, in the first year of a three-year deal, was having the worst season of his career, statistically speaking. In 33 games, he was averaging 10.5 points on 40.2-percent shooting in 28 minutes per game, all career lows. Richardson is due more than $12.8 million over the next two seasons, which includes a player option for the 2014-15 season.

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013


A gaggle of reporters were camped out at Andrew Bynum's locker, awaiting news on the big man's legs, when a voice from the other side of the room rang out.

“Guys, my locker's right here,” Damien Wilkins said. “You're at the wrong spot.”

It was then, in the first month of the season, that Wilkins' sense of humor became apparent. Wilkins, the ninth-year forward, has become their defensive specialist. He's one of their first guys off the bench for coach Doug Collins, and a guy who's willing to do the dirty work to earn his keep and earn his teammates' respect.

In a sitdown with Wilkins recently, the 33-year-old talked a lot about respect – trying to make the league to maintain his family legacy, going from an undrafted rookie out of Georgia who was picked up by Seattle in 2004 to being the Sixers' player rep this season. While he averages only 2 points and 1 rebound per game, it's evident Wilkins' impact on the game goes far beyond his individual stats.

He also talked about his comedic stylings, why he doesn't leave his house and who he thinks is the Sixers' best dunker. The answer might surprise you...

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Monday, February 4, 2013


(Associated Press)
The Sixers won Monday, but they also lost.

Forward-center Thad Young went down in the second quarter with a left hamstring strain. Young, who will undergo an MRI Tuesday morning, was not available for comment. And by the sound of Doug Collins, Young isn't expected back before the All-Star break.

Here's what a few of Young's teammates had to say regarding his injury:

Jrue Holiday: “Somebody's got to step up. Obviously with the energy and intensity he brings, everybody's got to step up a lot. I think Arnett (Moultrie) coming off the bench is going to give us a big lift. We have bigs like Spencer (Hawes), who played really well tonight, and Lavoy (Allen), who played really good defense. We all have to come together a little more.”

Spencer Hawes: “I know it's going to hurt Thad, but he's still going to be up cheering, doing whatever he can and in any capacity to help us win. … You can't just replace what he brings every night.”

Nick Young: “Losing him for a couple games, when we're trying to make a push, it's tough. Somebody's got to step up.”

Thad Young, in his first season as a starter, was averaging 15 points and nearly 8 rebounds per game for the Sixers (21-26), who won their third straight game, matching a season-long winning streak, with a 78-61 victory over the Orlando Magic.

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(Associated Press)
The 76ers' Andrew Bynum spoke Monday, giving an update on his knees. Here's a quick recap:

  • He doesn't know when he'll debut.
  • He doesn't know when he'll begin practicing.
  • He doesn't feel any pain … unless he's jumping, doing lateral stuff, defensive slides, or getting low.

So...there's that. Here's the full transcript of what Bynum had to say, before the Sixers hosted Orlando.

Some lateral stuff last week. Just continuing that?
“Yeah. Now we're up to two-, two-and-a-half, three-hour days – running, elliptical, weights and basketball at the same time. It's good.”

Set any target date to debut?
“Not a specific target date, but it's in February. That's the target I guess.”

What exactly is still keeping you out?
“My doctor said it's fear of a big bone bruise, so we need to nurse it back up to playable conditions without having a setback or creating a bone bruise.”

How did the injections help?
“They didn't really help all that much. My right knee, I mean, I guess it feels phenomenal. My left knee still feels a little bit of that stuff. It was an attempt I guess at kind of trying to ease the pain a bit, but it hasn't really changed.”

A little bit of that stuff – pain?

Set any target date to practice?
“I have not. I don't have any idea about that yet.”

What activities hurt?
“Jumping, impact. Just from jumping, lateral stuff, defensive slides, getting low. It's almost like a range issue, like a range-of-motion issue.”

How much weight do you bear on the antigravity treadmill?
“Doing 75 to 80 percent.”

Does the anticipation make it feel like you're rookie season again?
“No. (laughs) I just want the first game to come. I definitely won’t be nervous.”

Will you head to Los Angeles during the All-Star break?
“I’ll probably go to LA for a bit (over all-star break), come back and be back at it Sunday or Monday.”

You doing stuff on the floor by yourself?
“It’s still 1-on-0. It’s more aggressive, but it’s still 1-on-0. I hope to be at that stage soon, at least 1-on-1.”

Is there any way you WON'T play this month?
“At this point, no. The only reason I wouldn’t play would probably be a bone bruise or something like that.”

How's the cartilage situation?
“It’s in there. We just want to grind it up. We’re trying to grind it up without creating a bone bruise. It’s a fine line. It catches. It used to catch in my right knee, but it broke off and ground up. I don’t feel anything in my right knee. We just hope this one does the same.”

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Saturday, February 2, 2013


(Associated Press)
The Sixers -- well, two of them -- made some odd picks for Super Bowl XLVII.

California kid Nick Young went against San Francisco, as did Spencer Hawes, the Seattle-bred center whose allegiance to the Seahawks runs deep.

Said Young: “I made some big bets this week. I'm going with the Ravens. I don't see Ray Lewis losing. He's going to come out, doing the dance, and that's it.”

Hawes picked the Baltimore Ravens, as well, though he had other things in mind.

“I don't really care who wins. I just want San Francisco to lose,” he said. "I'm a Ravens fan for the week."

Where Hawes would watch Sunday's big game remained to be seen.

"I don't know what I'm doing yet. I'm sure some of the guys will get together," he said. "I don't know who's cooking, though. That's probably the main thing."

The Sixers (20-26) are back in action Monday against visiting Orlando.

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Friday, February 1, 2013


(Associated Press)
He might play professionally on the West Coast, but Tyreke Evans hasn't forgotten where he comes from.

Evans, a Chester native, began the week as Delaware County's most-recent selection to the McDonald's All-American Game. Chester High senior Rondae Jefferson changed that Thursday, when he was named to the high school all-star game in April.

A three-time All-Delco from American Christian Academy in Aston, Evans had nothing but praise for Jefferson, an Arizona commit who considers Evans a hero.

“I talked to him (Thursday) night. That's big. A big opportunity,” Evans said Friday, at Sacramento Kings shootaround. “I'm happy for him. It's a challenge to come from where he comes from and to get a chance to make that game – he's the second from Chester to do it – so I'm proud of him. I think he's going to be a great player.”

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