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Friday, February 8, 2013


(Christopher A. Vito)
Andrew Bynum found a new rebounding buddy, but the 76ers' injured center is still engaging only in 1-on-0 workouts.

Bynum participated in post-practice shooting drills Friday at PCOM, with Kwame Brown serving as his rebounding partner. Bynum attempted shots from spots all over the floor, anywhere from under the rim to around the 3-point arc.

Earlier this week, Bynum said he couldn't find a reason why he wouldn't debut for the Sixers before the end of the month.

“I can't wait for that moment he says, 'Coach, I'm ready to go. Put me out there. Let's play,'” Sixers coach Doug Collins said of Bynum. “His activity level has picked up in practice. He still isn't doing anything with the team. It's still 1-on-0, but he is starting to move around a little bit, which is encouraging.” (VIDEO AFTER THE JUMP)

Bynum had Brown picking up makes and misses for him, then returned the favor several times during the session, which was supervised by Sixers associate head coach Michael Curry and assistant Brian James.

Evan Turner commented on how different it'll be when Bynum gets on the floor. Turner said the assimilation process for a big man, as opposed to that of a guard, is simpler.

“I think with a dominant big, he tells you where he wants to post up, you throw it in there and let him go to work,” Turner said. “It's not like a guard who wants it on this play or this spot. Bigs say, 'Give it to me on this block and let me go to work.' Look how big he is.

“It makes it easier for us and harder for other teams because they know what kind of a force he is.”

In other injury news, Jason Richardson will miss the rest of the season after left knee surgery, which he's yet to schedule. He'll go under the knife next week at Mt. Sinai in New York, with the procedure being handled by Jonathan Glashow, the orthopaedic surgeon with whom Richardson met for a third opinion. For more on Richardson, pick up Saturday's Daily Times.

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