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Monday, February 4, 2013


(Associated Press)
The 76ers' Andrew Bynum spoke Monday, giving an update on his knees. Here's a quick recap:

  • He doesn't know when he'll debut.
  • He doesn't know when he'll begin practicing.
  • He doesn't feel any pain … unless he's jumping, doing lateral stuff, defensive slides, or getting low.

So...there's that. Here's the full transcript of what Bynum had to say, before the Sixers hosted Orlando.

Some lateral stuff last week. Just continuing that?
“Yeah. Now we're up to two-, two-and-a-half, three-hour days – running, elliptical, weights and basketball at the same time. It's good.”

Set any target date to debut?
“Not a specific target date, but it's in February. That's the target I guess.”

What exactly is still keeping you out?
“My doctor said it's fear of a big bone bruise, so we need to nurse it back up to playable conditions without having a setback or creating a bone bruise.”

How did the injections help?
“They didn't really help all that much. My right knee, I mean, I guess it feels phenomenal. My left knee still feels a little bit of that stuff. It was an attempt I guess at kind of trying to ease the pain a bit, but it hasn't really changed.”

A little bit of that stuff – pain?

Set any target date to practice?
“I have not. I don't have any idea about that yet.”

What activities hurt?
“Jumping, impact. Just from jumping, lateral stuff, defensive slides, getting low. It's almost like a range issue, like a range-of-motion issue.”

How much weight do you bear on the antigravity treadmill?
“Doing 75 to 80 percent.”

Does the anticipation make it feel like you're rookie season again?
“No. (laughs) I just want the first game to come. I definitely won’t be nervous.”

Will you head to Los Angeles during the All-Star break?
“I’ll probably go to LA for a bit (over all-star break), come back and be back at it Sunday or Monday.”

You doing stuff on the floor by yourself?
“It’s still 1-on-0. It’s more aggressive, but it’s still 1-on-0. I hope to be at that stage soon, at least 1-on-1.”

Is there any way you WON'T play this month?
“At this point, no. The only reason I wouldn’t play would probably be a bone bruise or something like that.”

How's the cartilage situation?
“It’s in there. We just want to grind it up. We’re trying to grind it up without creating a bone bruise. It’s a fine line. It catches. It used to catch in my right knee, but it broke off and ground up. I don’t feel anything in my right knee. We just hope this one does the same.”

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