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Saturday, February 23, 2013


Remember this scene? Andrew Bynum last month, after a Jan. 16 practice, taking part in shooting drills in front of reporters?

Well, behind closed doors Friday, Bynum participated in a 5-on-0 shell drill, then graduated to a 5-on-5 practice with the Sixers, his first on-court activity with his teammates since being traded to Philadelphia last offseason.

Kind of a big deal, right?

“I don't think there's any bells or whistles set off now that he's close to playing,” Sixers coach Doug Collins said.

Collins said he spoke with Bynum Saturday, telling him there's some distance between Friday's session and being in game-ready mode. Specifically, Collins said Bynum needs to shed a few more pounds.

Still, it must have been encouraging for the Sixers to see Bynum playing. Finally.

“It's amazing,” Collins said. “Just him standing out there, he distorted the whole practice. You get visions of what might have been. You throw the ball in the post and – first of all, we don't do that. When we did, it was five guys on him. It was like, 'You shoot. No, you shoot. No, you shoot.'”

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