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Saturday, February 9, 2013


(Associated Press)
Evan Turner broached a topic Saturday on which he has no control.

“I'm not a GM,” the Sixers' third-year swingman said, when asked if he had given much thought to an ESPN report saying the Sixers were either shopping Turner or gauging his value on the trade market. “I think it all adds up to what a team needs. That's it. Whatever,” Turner said. “I think the best is yet to come – for me in general, wherever that occurs.”

Circuitously, Sixers general manager Tony DiLeo said he had no comment on the report, from ESPN's Marc Stein.

“I don't comment on any trade rumors,” DiLeo said. “We talk to every team in the league and we'll do something if it improves our team. I have no comment on any trade rumors.”

If the Sixers are hoping to shop Turner before the Feb. 21 trade deadline, his value is falling.
Turner entered Saturday's game against visiting Charlotte amid a four-game slump. He was shooting 9-for-36 in the stretch, with a points-per-game average hovering around five.

The Sixers picked up Turner's option for the 2013-14 season at a price of $6.7 million. Beyond that, there's a fifth-year option that would cost the team $8.7 million to keep him around through 2014-15. They might view that as too steep a price for Turner, should the Sixers be angling to keep Andrew Bynum around beyond his one injury-plagued season here.

Turner was asked whether he's liked his time with the Sixers, the franchise that drafted him second overall in 2010.

“I haven't seen it any other way,” he said. “It's not my choice to get traded or not, you know? If it happens, it happens. “What I want doesn't matter, you know what I'm saying? If it did, life would be way different.”

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