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Saturday, November 24, 2012


(Associated Press)
Including the 2012 playoffs, Evan Turner has started the 76ers' last 24 games.

Could that change sometime soon?

“It’s happened to me a few times, so it doesn’t really bother me," said Turner, the Sixers' third-year wing, after Saturday morning's shootaround. "Whatever occurs, occurs. What else are you going to do, you know? Whatever’s for the better of the team, (because) that’s what it’s all about."

Sixers coach Doug Collins backed off his initial comment, saying Friday that his leaning toward altering the starting five has dwindled. If someone was to get shuffled out of a starter's spot, it'd probably be Turner.

It's not because Turner's been wildly ineffective, either. It'd probably be because of the Sixers' desire for more offense at the opening of games. Adding another shooter to the floor at his position might help the Sixers break a funk that -- entering Saturday's game at home against Oklahoma City -- featured deficits heading to the second quarter in nine of 12 games. 

Also, the first quarter statistically is Turner's worst quarter. He's shooting 26 percent (11-for-42) in the first, as opposed to 57 percent (12-for-21) in the second, 43 percent (16-for-37) in the third, and 43 percent (13-for-30) in the fourth quarters.

Turner, only recently, has been a factor in the Sixers' starting lineup. He said in preseason that he viewed this season as an opportunity to make up for lost time, having come off the bench in 109 of 145 games his first two seasons, after being drafted second overall in 2011.

The starting lineup is where Turner would like to stay, but he said it's out of his control, really.

“The most important thing is doing what I do: staying on boards, playing defense, taking shots when it’s open. That’s it. I’ll be fine from there," he said.

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