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Friday, November 16, 2012


(Associated Press)

Andrew Bynum doesn't think it's a big deal, but let's put it this way: He began the week with one bone bruise. Now he has two.

Friday, Bynum said he has a bone bruise on his left knee, too, giving the 76ers' 7-footer a pair of bad knees.

Here's the transcript from his presser Friday:

Opening statement:
“Had a little bit of a setback just working through some issues with the right knee. Had a mirror thing going on with my left knee, so I don’t know what’s going on. We’ve got doctors pretty much saying ‘a weakened cartilage state’ and I’m kind of waiting, I guess. They’re not giving me anything real definite. I just have to wait for the cartilage to get stronger. That’s pretty much what’s going on.”

So it’s in the left knee?
“Same exact spot, same exact cartilage.”

How did it happen?
“Just routine things. It just swelled up. No blunt-force injury or anything.”

Timetable for it?
“They haven’t timetabled it, no. Still same timetable.”

What can you do in the meantime?
“Just swimming, elliptical, low-impact things.”

So swelling in both knees?
“Swelling is in both knees, but we’ve got it under control. It’s not real big. Just from the same spot, same cartilage, bone bruise on both sides.”

How’s the pain level?
“It’s relatively low in daily activities. The higher impact I do, the higher (pain) it is.”

Have you dealt with something like this before?
“Actually, this is a weird issue. I’ve never had cartilage issues. I’ve had meniscus (issues) before, but that doesn’t hurt. That’s fine. We don’t know what’s going on.”

Do you know more on how it happened?
“It’s just from running and playing basketball, really. There’s no mechanism or anything. I didn’t twist my knee.”

When did it happen?
“A couple days ago, I think, and I’m telling you now.”

So it’s the same timeline?
“Same timeline.”

What’s your sense with this?
“It’s frustrating, man. And this is an issue that’s just going to take time to resolve. There’s no procedure or anything that can be done. It’s just time.”

Will it keep you from rehab?
“I’m able to continue. It’s not degrading the cartilage as far as I know. It’s just what’s going on in my knees. I still have to stay in shape and maintain my weight. Maybe I’ll get off the elliptical, but I’ll definitely stay in the pool.”

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