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Tuesday, November 13, 2012


(Associated Press)
Last night, Royal Ivey gave the Sixers 18 minutes off the bench, with five points, three rebounds and an assist. More importantly, Ivey gave them something that didn't show up in the box score.

Sixers coach Doug Collins turned to Ivey in the second half, hoping he'd help slow down Milwaukee's Brandon Jennings. There really wasn't any hindering Jennings' game, which took the form of a 33-point display in the Bucks' victory.

"I was reaching in the grab bag, trying to find anything I could to get us back in the game," Collins said.

“In the second half, we held them to 43 points. We picked up our defense. I think part of that was I put Royal Ivey in the game. And in a game like tonight, he has to play with his speed and quickness because he’s one of the few guys on our team that can guard somebody like a Jennings or a Monta Ellis because they’re just so fast"

In the preseason, it seemed as though rookie Maalik Wayns would run the Sixers' second-team offense. But Wayns struggled out of the gate and, ever since, his minutes have waned. So Collins has turned to Ivey off the bench, for sure-handed play and occasional scoring from a veteran. That's been especially desirable of late, with Jrue Holiday turning the ball over with regularity.

In any case, and in any role, Ivey wants to play...even if it means being tasked with slowing down a speedster like Jennings.

"Man, he’s a tough guard," Ivey said, "but that’s what I live for – trying to stop one of the better guards, one of the better perimeter players, one of the better point guards in the league. I look forward to those challenges. Hopefully I get another shot and hopefully I succeed. I’m looking forward to the next one."

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