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Friday, November 22, 2013

Sixers rookie Nerlens Noel could develop into a legitimate center, coach Brett Brown said


76ers coach Brett Brown said he views rookie Nerlens Noel as a legitimate center, at least at one end of the floor.

Brown spoke briefly Thursday about Noel, the 6-11, 228-pound Kentucky product whose return date has yet to be determined. Noel, the sixth overall pick in June’s draft, is still rehabbing a surgically repaired left knee.

Noel’s name came up in a discussion about Spencer Hawes and how well the seventh-year forward looked Wednesday at the power forward position. Brown was asked whether Noel would be a player alongside Hawes could thrive, and whether Noel was a legitimate option at center.

“I think so,” Brown said. “I think that offensively, yes. Defensively, I see him being able to roam. I think because he’s so young and, at this stage, so thin that he may struggle initially with bigger types of players. Yes to your question. Could those two play next to each other? Yes they could.”

Brown has said he would consider this season a success for Noel even if the 19-year-old never saw the floor. The first-year coach has said he views Noel’s shooting form as “a total rebuild,” and Brown has invested hours of time into further developing Noel’s game. Routinely, the two work together after practices and in brief workouts prior to games. Thursday, after practice, Noel was tasked with fielding passes of all varieties from Brown with the use of one hand at a time. Wednesday in pregame, Noel was working on his one-handed shooting touch.

The Sixers (5-8) host Milwaukee (2-8) Friday.

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