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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Brett Brown: Sixers cultivating a bench, 'growing young players'


DENVER – In the thin air of the Mile High City, 76ers coach Brett Brown ran Evan Turner and Thaddeus Young ragged. Both played 40 minutes Wednesday, in the Sixers’ 114-102 win over the Nuggets, the first game of a back-to-back nights scenario.

Brown likely will have to get creative tonight in Sacramento and Saturday in Portland, with how he doles out minutes as his team concludes its West Coast road trip. The coach got a sampling of that against the Nuggets, when he had to juggle rotations with Michael Carter-Williams and Spencer Hawes in foul trouble throughout the night.

The result: some good stuff.

Lavoy Allen, pictured, with 12 points, turned in a season-best scoring effort. James Anderson, who had 12 points and four boards, was big in the fastbreak game and on the defensive end. Even Elliot Williams, who only flashed onto the court for seven-plus minutes, provided pleasant play.

“We have some depth,” Brown said. “I was nervous. I was going too long with Spencer, even with two fouls, and that’s a dangerous decision. We persevered with that. I couldn’t get him out sooner, and Lavoy came in. Then you start looking around at who was tired. I ran Thaddeus and Evan into the ground in the first period. … Elliot came in and gave us a burst. James came in and continued to play really well. I feel, what I learned is, we have depth. We’re cultivating depth. We’re growing young players who are able to come in and play NBA games and do well.”


Two editorial notes here: 1. I won’t be following the Sixers on their final two stops on the road trip. Instead, I’ll be in Denver tonight and Phoenix Saturday, for the Flyers’ games out this way. 2. My apologies for the look of the blog. The smart, computer people tell me the site is getting a redesign of sorts, and it’ll be back to normal soon.

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