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Monday, January 21, 2013


(Christopher A. Vito)
Andrew Bynum updated his status Monday, before the Sixers hosted the San Antonio Spurs.

The big man said he's feeling better, he's pain-free and he'd like to step up his rehab, but doesn't want to do anything stupid.

Also he's still targeting the All-Star break for a return. Here's the whole interview:

What's the latest?
“It's going pretty good. I shot around at shootaround today with the guys, so getting to be better on the court. If the treadmill would stop breaking down, I might be able to do a little bit more. So I'm doing well.”

The anti-gravity treadmill?
“Yeah, it's like every three days it needs service. I don't know.”

First time shot around?
“Yeah, it's the first time I've shot around at shootaround. I've been involved in a little bit in practice. Just shootaround with the guys. The knees feel good. I don't know. I'm not feeling any pain. It's just all good. I want to keep going.”

Still hoping for a return at the All-Star break?
“Yeah, that's my hope. Obviously, again, I still haven't done lateral movement. That'll be the biggest test. Cutting is the last thing to do, and I'm building up to that slowly but surely.”

Have you done any starting or stopping?
“Very minimal.”

What's the shooting like?
“Just like catch-and-shoot stuff.”

Dr. Jack McPhilemy, Sixers team doctor, was at practice Sunday. What'd he say?
“He just wants to make sure I’m not noticeably limping. Everything’s picking up. I’m getting into jump hooks and things like that.”

And your conditioning?
“Obviously, it’s going to be bad. I’m going to continue to run. I’m also running with less weight (on anti-gravity machine). Once that gets to 100 and gets to the court, that’s when it’ll really improve.”

What feels comfortable?
“Not jumping. Just post moves. Left- and right-shoulder stuff. Turnaround jumpshots at the right shoulder. Regular jumpshots. Shooting spots -- moving baseline, elbow to elbow, all that stuff.”

Is your touch there?
“That’s all I’ve been able to work on, so I’ve been working on it.”

What can you show this team or other teams about what you are?
“I haven’t really thought about it, to be honest. I just want to get back. That’s all I’m thinking about. Once my first game comes, I’m going to play really hard, and just play like it could be gone tomorrow.”

Lateral is next – when?
“I don’t know when. If the target’s the All-Star break, it’s got to be in the next couple weeks. It’s going to be defensive slides, cutting, running full speed and stopping, backpedaling, jumping – just explosive stuff.”

Do you want to do more?
“I want it to go smoothly. I don’t want any setbacks, so I want to run on the court and do all those things, but I’m going to let the team and the doctors tell me exactly when to take the next step, because if I go out there, I’ll do something stupid.”

What step is next on the six-step plan?
“I don’t know what step it is. It’s dynamic. It changes every day.”

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