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Thursday, January 17, 2013


Andrew Bynum's knees must be feeling better, because he upped his rehab some more.

Thursday, after the Sixers' practice had concluded, Bynum began taking shots. This time, he was jogging lightly to certain spots on the floor, at the high post, and receiving bounce passes before tossing up a few hooks and jumpers. Earlier in the week, Bynum was only shooting from a stationary position.

“It's a huge lift," Sixers coach Doug Collins said. "The thing I like is Andrew is a very hard worker. When he came here, he knew nothing about our organization – other than we wanted him and he grew up in New Jersey and we wanted to make him a focal point of what we were doing. He came in here with his own medical people. Now he's working with our people and ... that's a positive sign.

"I worked out on the elliptical (Wednesday) while he was working out and he was working his tail off."

Think Collins hasn't considered what it'll be like when Bynum debuts for the Sixers?

“He sees where we are right now and … you think he's not sitting there thinking we might have seven or eight more wins?" Collins said. "It's interesting. I was looking the other day. Pat Riley lost Dwyane Wade one year and went 15-67. The Spurs lost David Robinson and went from a 60-win team to 17-47 when Pop (Gregg Popovich) took over the team. That's the impact star players have on the game."

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