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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sixers coach Brett Brown on Danny Granger: 'I don't begrudge him'


For now, Danny Granger remains with the 76ers.

A Sixers spokesman said the team is not any closer to reaching a buyout agreement on the contract of the ninth-year forward, who according to reports was less than thrilled to be traded from Eastern Conference-contending Indiana.

Saturday is the deadline by which Granger must be on a team’s roster for the 30-year-old to be eligible for that club’s playoff roster.

Granger’s desire to sever ties with the Sixers does not bother coach Brett Brown.

“It doesn’t,” Brown said. “Maybe it should, but it doesn’t.”

Brown said he and Sixers general manager Sam Hinkie have spoken with Granger, and that the team is trying to respect his Granger’s wishes. 

“He’s a good guy, a good person and a heck of a player,” Brown said. “Everybody has different ideas on what’s best for them and their family at this stage of his career. I don’t begrudge him for any of that. It’s always our job to run a business and treat people well. 

“We will do that, and I think the timeline with Danny is still open-ended. No decision has been made in any regard yet. I suspect one will happen in the not-too-distant future.”

Granger was sent to the Sixers by the Pacers at the trade deadline, in exchange for forwards Evan Turner and Lavoy Allen.

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