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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Rookie Nerlens Noel's shot "is a total rebuild," says Sixers coach Brett Brown (with videos)

(Times staff / ERIC HARTLINE)
76ers coach Brett Brown said rookie center Nerlens Noel’s shot is “a total rebuild,” something Brown and his coaching staff will address throughout the season.

Brown made that assessment at PCOM Tuesday, following his team’s practice.

“You bucket him up into, ‘Is it a total rebuild?’ and I think Nerlens is a total rebuild,” Brown said. “You do stuff with Evan (Turner)’s footwork, which we’ve done. You do stuff with release points or you exaggerate follow-throughs with Tony Wroten, because everything is a hot stove. Everything is tweakable. I think Nerlens’ is a total rebuild.”

Noel, the sixth overall pick in the 2013 draft, has been seen at Sixers practices working on one-handed shot attempts inside 10 feet. Brown said Noel’s guide hand “sends (the ball) all over the place,” but when the 6-11, 230-pounder uses one hand “he gets the elbow under it and he gets a good-looking shot.”

“He’s wide-eyed and open,” Brown said of Noel, who is working closely with Sixers assistant Greg Foster. “He’s a willing learner because he knows. He’s looking for advice and he’s looking for someone to help him. That’s my job. I’ll be really disappointed if, in April, if we don’t look back and say we made good ground. We helped his shot. It is really hard to change stuff a lot. I think the basic areas we’re looking at are changeable and we’re working with him.”

Other notes from Sixers practice:
  • Sixth man Tony Wroten is averaging 12.3 points per game. The rest of the bench is scoring 15.7 points. That 28 points-per-game average is 10th-worst in the league. Brown said he needs more from his reserves: “It’s in them. There’s no doubt it’s in them. They have a long way to go, and they’ll get there, but it’ll be in time.”
  • For the second time in six days, the Sixers will play the Washington Wizards. Said Spencer Hawes, of the Sixers’ opponent Wednesday: “It seems like we always play the Wizards a bunch of times in the preseason or the beginning of the year. It’s kind of nothing new.”

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