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Monday, September 30, 2013

Brett Brown weighs in on the transition 3

(Associated Press)

To this point, the 76ers have not allowed reporters to see any of their offensive or defensive sets in training camp. All that’s been seen by the media is free throws and cool-down stretches at the end of the team’s practice sessions.

Most players have said first-year coach Brett Brown, who’s been unable to identify his team’s top shooter, will favor an offense that scores in transition, uses the team’s youth and speed to its advantage and opts against a half-court set. So it would stand to reason that transition 3-pointers will factor into that plan.

Not so fast, said Brown.

“How deflating is that to a team that just busted their tails and played defense and somebody jacks up a 3 and it’s not their shot?” Brown said after Sunday’s morning session. “I don’t care what analytics have to say about that. I get it as a head coach. That’s not going to be a good shot from time to time. You can’t quantify that with a number. It’s a feeling and it’s a balance with all of that. We were talking a lot about 3s and I wanted to go on the record and say that.”

That statement comes as a shock for two reasons: First, it comes as a contrast to what his players (and Brown himself) have said about the brand of offense the Sixers will play. And secondly, it contradicts the analytics movement that Sixers general manager Sam Hinkie preaches.

Without seeing the Sixers in live-action practice, there’s no telling what Brown is doing behind closed doors, who his shooters are, who’s getting the ball on the fastbreak or how they’re attacking the rim in transition. There are tons of intangibles at play, though Brown’s words seem rather definitive, especially only three days into camp.

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