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Friday, September 27, 2013

Royce White will "fly when I have to and drive when I can"


Royce White doesn’t want you to believe everything you read.

A fear of flying? An untrue report, he said. White, the second-year forward acquired by the 76ers from Houston this offseason, attempted to clear up public misconceptions about his anxiety disorder Friday at the Sixers’ media day proceedings. It was believed White sat out his entire rookie season because of a fear of flying.

“Glaring,” White said of the error, in speaking to reporters Friday at the 76ers’ media day. “When we went to negotiate my travel arrangements last year with the Rockets, the plan was and always will be from now on in this league is to fly when I have to and drive when I can. That was the plan we had.”

White said he hopes to work out a similar arrangement with the Sixers. He said having the option to drive to games occasionally in an RV while with Rio Grande, Houston’s NBADL affiliate, “was really cool.”
(Christopher A. Vito)

“It’s a bonus for me to be here, to have a chance, for Sam to take a chance on me again,” White said of Sam Hinkie, the Sixers’ general manager who drafted White as a member of Houston’s front office. “I don’t like to look at it as a second chance or a last chance. I like to look at it as my first chance.”

No matter where you stand on Royce White, he had an awesome sneaker choice Friday at PCOM.

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