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Wednesday, October 24, 2012



Andrew Bynum did not practice Wednesday, and 76ers coach Doug Collins and general manager Tony DiLeo said the 7-foot center will not participate in basketball activities until Bynum is pain free in his right knee.

“We are going to hold him from basketball-related activities until he’s pain-free,” DiLeo said. “He is improving, so it’s nothing new. It’s just something that’s not completely healed.”

Bynum has not practiced with the Sixers since joining them via a four-way trade in August. The team announced Oct. 1 Bynum would miss three weeks while battling discomfort in a right knee in which he sustained a bone bruise. Three weeks are up, and Bynum still isn’t practicing.

Bynum said “it’s a possibility” that he’ll be available for the Sixers’ opener against Denver Oct. 31, “but to be honest, it’s up to the team and to the doctors and all that.”

“I just want to avoid any kind of setback, so that’s where we are. We’ll reevaluate it,” Bynum said Wednesday, following the Sixers’ practice at PCOM.

“I’ve carried a certain amount of swelling in the past, but it’s always resolved, always been able to play. … I’m confident that this issue will resolve, given time to rest and given time to heal.”

Bynum, who had a joint-grease injection of Synvisc-One Monday, said the day-to-day stuff like walking and standing for extended periods does not cause pain. Rather, it's "impact stuff" like running that causes discomfort. Bynum offered a degree of clarity on the origin of the injury, saying it occurred in a basketball drill prior to the opening of training camp, and that it was not during a scrimmage or a pick-up game. DiLeo said Bynum has not progressed to the point where he is running.

Collins has said this preseason that his primary objective was to get a sense of where the Sixers were without Bynum. That preparedness helped them amass a 6-1 preseason mark and renew confidence among his players.

Still, if he had his druthers, Collins would opt to have Bynum as a participant in practice, rather than a spectator attempting to learn his teammates’ tendencies.

“He’s new to our team and just trying to watch what we’re doing,” Collins said. He’s got a good handle on our personnel and what everybody does well. I think it’s important, especially when you’re a big guy playing in the post, to know the guys you’re playing well.”

Added Bynum: “I don’t feel pressure, but I’m more psychologically feeling like it stinks not being able to play. It’s tough coming and staying motivated and things like that. My teammates are there. They’re all patting me on the back, wanting me to get back. That helps. My coaches, they’ve been a great pleasure for me to talk to also and advocate being healthy and getting back. That’s the big picture."

Without Bynum available, and knowing what he knows now about Bynum's knees, DiLeo said he still would have proceeded with the trade to acquire him.

"Yes, absolutely," DiLeo said.

The Sixers practice again Thursday.

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