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Tuesday, October 2, 2012


It's the first Tuesday in October, the first day of training camp ... and we're already talking about rotations?

The topic came up following the 76ers' morning session at Saint Joseph's University, where coach Doug Collins offered his preliminary take on how his team shakes out.

First, Collins said, his rotation always stays around nine players with a 10th being "a specialist." (More on that in a moment.) Here's Collins' take:

Five on the perimeter
  • Jrue Holiday 
  • Evan Turner (pictured)
  • Jason Richardson 
  • Dorell Wright 
  • Nick Young 

Four bigs, when healthy:
  • Andrew Bynum 
  • Spencer Hawes
  • Thad Young
  • Lavoy Allen

The wild-cards in all this, or the guys vying for that 10th spot in the rotation, would be: Maalik Wayns, Royal Ivey and Kwame Brown. More on that from Collins:

“Your 10th guy becomes a specialist," Collins said. "It might be Kwame one night for post defense. It might be Royal Ivey one night because we need to put him out on a point guard for six or eight minutes and guard the heck out of the ball. It might be Maalik where we say, ‘Maalik, the game is stagnant. Get the tempo going.’

Collins continued, saying a guy like Nick Young might play in that capacity at some point, too:

"Against the Knicks, I might let (Young) play a quarter against Carmelo Anthony or against the Celtics let’s see what he does on Paul Pierce. Now I have to find out what we can do."

So that's where everything stands after one session of training camp. And there's no possible way that could possibly change between now and Oct. 31, right? 

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